About The Royal Łazienki

The Royal Łazienki is a palace and garden complex. Around 1680 on the order of Grand Royal Marshal S. H. Lubomirski, a baroque bathing pavilion was built, from which the name Royal Łazienki was taken. To the north of the pavilion a building called Hermitage(Ermitaż) was built.

In 1724-1732 on the order of king August II a water basin called Piaseczyński Channel (Kanał Piaseczyński) was dug.Around 1764 on the order of king Stanisław August Poniatowski a former garden by a Bathhouse (Łaźnia) was enlarged, which in 1772 was converted into a residential house.

In 1788-1793 the Bathhouse was joined with side pavilions by bridges with column galleries and remodelled into what since then has been known as the Palace on the Water (Pałac na Wodzie) or Palace on the Island (Pałac Na Wyspie). Here the famous Thursday Dinners (Obiady Czwartkowe) took place.

In 1774 independently of works carried out in the Bathhouse, building the White House (Biały Dom) was initiated and from 1775 the Myślewicki Palace. In 1778 a Royal Promenade was outlined, an alley surrounded by channels and joining the Bathhouse with the White House.

In 1785 an earthy Amphitheatre with the stage on an island. In 1786-88 the Grand Orangery was built, called the Old Orangery (Stara Pomarańczarnia). In 1778-1788, in the vicinity of the Bathhouse, a Grand Off -building was built.

In 1792 building the Temple of Providence had been initiated but the building was not completed because of political events.

In 1817 the Royal Łazienki was sold to tsar Aleksander I Romanow. The Grand Off -building became the seat of the Infantry Offi cer Cadets School, the Belvedere was remodelled into the seat of Grand Duke Constantine, also the buildings of Stable, Coach House and Riding Arena were built. The western pavilion by the Palace on the Island was converted into an Orthodox church.

After 1918 the Royal Łazienki became a governmental property. In 1926 on the scarp of terrace a monument of Fryderyk Chopin was erected. Since the times of Stanisław August Poniatowski the Royal Łazienki has been open for residents and tourists. Varoius events, concerts, theatre performances, fetes and meetings take place there. One of the most often visited places here is the monument of Fryderyk Chopin. At summer weekends there take place concerts of the great composer’s music whose audience never fails to appear. Every Sunday from May to September piano concerts are organized. Every summer Sunday between June and September on the stage near the Old Orangery Concerts under the Lime Tree (Koncerty pod Lipą) are held. Near Łazienki there is Warsaw University Botanic Garden

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